Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grandmother in Owlhead, ME, happy with purchase

Susan visited our store a month ago and picked out an adorabel pant set for one of her Granddaughters, she then asked me to create another dress for the older sister. Next day, Susan was so excited about all the delightful fabrics and styles she phoned in an order for 2 more dresses for her "California" granddaughters. She said "I'm leaving it up to you, one is a blonde and one is a brunette. See photo's and Susan's comments .... "Ellen all 4 girls LOVED their dresses...........and the mom's said they have never seen such well made AMERICAN products. It is such a pleasure to consider you a friend now. I keep praying that you will soon be able to stop traveling and pay attention to your business in Maine. Thanks for the e-mail update......look forward to seeing you or getting a new e-mail update soon." Sincerely, Susan

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