Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall is almost here - Sneak Preview

Introducing the "Sassy" Collection. Sassy Sweet, Sassy Elegant, Sassy Fleece - These and MORE will be available Sept 12th. An entire line of fall/winter coming soon. New shoes, crocheted hats, purses, hair accessories, socks and sweaters.

Grandmother in Owlhead, ME, happy with purchase

Susan visited our store a month ago and picked out an adorabel pant set for one of her Granddaughters, she then asked me to create another dress for the older sister. Next day, Susan was so excited about all the delightful fabrics and styles she phoned in an order for 2 more dresses for her "California" granddaughters. She said "I'm leaving it up to you, one is a blonde and one is a brunette. See photo's and Susan's comments .... "Ellen all 4 girls LOVED their dresses...........and the mom's said they have never seen such well made AMERICAN products. It is such a pleasure to consider you a friend now. I keep praying that you will soon be able to stop traveling and pay attention to your business in Maine. Thanks for the e-mail update......look forward to seeing you or getting a new e-mail update soon." Sincerely, Susan

Jack in his Baseball Squeaker shoes

Jack's Grandmother saw our display at the Portland Jetport and immediately put in her order for a pair of Brown Baseball shoes. She received her shoes promptly and wrote "Got 'em and he loves them. Was immediately running heel to toe as intended. Thanks for the prompt shipping, etc. I’m sending along this picture of my grandson in his new squeakers, but we have a brand new grandson as well, so things have been kind of hectic over the last two weeks. He continues to love his shoes and we get questions and compliments every time he wears them and direct the former to your site. " We hope Jack will continue to enjoy his Squeaker Shoes.

Justine's Birthday

Justine loves her Lavender and Butterfly Cupcake dress, which was complimented with a matching hat and purse. Grandma, Mary Sue of Wiscasset was happy to share her lovely photo. Happy Birthday Justine.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Updated website is UP, finally!!

I am so happy with the new website. I will be able to maintain it and update it all myself. This is so much easier than the other one and I don't have to depend on anyone.

I would like to give special thanks to Darlene Terry, owner of Whimsical Years Photography. She has done 2 fabulous photo shoots for Matchaversibles. She was able to capture some unbelievable shots of the children. She truely loves her photography and it shows. She has also captured some of my products in a new light. Please check out her wonderful photos on her website

I would also like to thank Thomas, John & Bryan at American Web Design. They were patient and understanding and are all true professionals. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Last but not least, Tom He has put up with my 20 hour days. He is my rock and I couldn't do this without him. We are a great team. He works the store during the week while I do bookkeeping, marketing, designing and sewing and I work the store on weekends. The custom orders have been coming in fast and furious so I am no long accepting any custom orders at this time. We are busy preparing for the Fall collection.

We are heading to Vegas for the largest Kid's show in the US. We hope to learn alot about the retail world and possible manufacturing. We'd love to have another store where we can offer a wider variety of children's unique styles of clothing, gifts and accessories.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great weekend in Maine

The weather has been beautiful in Maine. Matchaversibles is becoming quite popular with the locals. Thank you to all of our visitors that have been referring us. The customizing end of the business is really picking up. I can't keep the Cupcake line (Ages 2 - 10 in stock). This week I am working on 8 custom dresses. I have been meeting such wonderful people.

Working on the website this week and HOPE (fingers crossed) to see some results by the end of the week. This has been a daunting deed, no wonder web designers get paid the big bucks.

I have a new crafter and would like to welcome "emm's place". Beth and her sister Paula knit the most beautiful sweaters and socks. The sock's are called Coz-e-toes. They are for infants up to 12 mths and go quite well with our Squeaker Shoes.
Also, a popular crafter is Noodle Noggin with those beautiful crocheted caps, we're on our second order. Fairytale Beginnings, another favorite, beautiful fleece poncho's, footies, capes, caps, mittens and the new addition, baby buntings. Winter is coming too soon.
Unique Apron's by Debbie. Beautifully crafted aprons in Small, Medium, Large for those little mini Julia Fairchild's.
We are growing everyday. Saturday I rearranged the entire store and we're quite pleased with the new look.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Matchaversibles-Whimsical Years website photo shoot

We had such fun on Saturday. Darlene Terry, owner and professional photographer and I worked with a wonderful group of children ages 6 mths to 7 years. I am redesigning the website to include the following:
Cupcake line for girls ages 2 - 10, with custom designing available ($30-$55)
Carnival Collection for boy's ages 6 mths - 7 years, also can be custom designed ($18.50-25.00)

The wonderful crafters that have their beautiful items in the store will also be on the new site, examples are:

Fleece sets for infants 3 mths - 24 mths (shown) ($24 Capes, $15 Fleece footies or $35 for the set, sweaters ($22 - $27) with ribbed leggings/ruffled to match ($12 - $15) (shown)

You will see a few of the outfits are a sister/brother combo, which can be made in any of the fabrics available. Parents and grandparents have had such a good experience in designing their own one of a kind outfit. Many of the photo's shown here are one of a kind.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the upcoming products.

Ellen & Tom