Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Squeaker Shoes - Arrived Today

Just arrived - Boy's Baseball Squeaker shoes in Brown and Navy, Boy's Football, Boy's Brown/Tan. These adorable shoes "match" the new Boy's short sets, T-rompers and Creepers. (See previous post)
Girl's Traditonal Yellow (also already on website, Hot Pink, Lt. Pink, Orange, White, Red, Lime Green). Ladybug (not shown), Cupcake and the newest Brown/Orange with Hot Pink Flower. $27.95 + shipping. Check Wiscasset location for store prices. Route 1, Wiscasset. 207.899.4070 or 561.262.2800 (cell)
Wiscasset, Bath, Boothbay, Rockland, Camden, Brunswick............down to Portland and all over the U.S. kid's are loving their Squeaker Shoes. HAVE A CAMERA READY, because the first time the stand in these shoes is absolutely PRICELESS!!!!!!!!
Squeaker Shoes encourage walking in toddlers and are pediatrician recommened. They are as adorable and comfortable as they look.

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