Thursday, July 2, 2009

New design line - Cupcake Collection Ages 2 - 10

We were constantly asked about going to larger sizes. The Burst Collection was made for ages/sizes 0 - 24 months. Burst is up on the website and has matching panties/bloomers. All buttons are handcrafted and have been made specifically for each outfit. ($35.95)
I played around with some designs and loved the idea of the ribbons and bows. Hence, Cupcake ($35.95)was born. Please enjoy the photo's. They will be available on the website shortly. If you would like to order a dress, leggings or pants right away, just send me an email and I'll start on it immediately. I am doing alot of custom design orders. ($10.00 additional for custom but you can choose your fabrics, ribbons and bows.) We have added the option of having names embroidered on the bodice of your choice and you choose the coordinating print for the skirt. ($2.00 per letter). Ribbed leggings and/or pants with matching ruffles are also available. ($15.00) All designs are paired up with our wonderful Squeaker Shoes in a variety of styles and colors. ($27.95) I have a new order of our custom buttons on the way. New designs with even more vibrant color coordinations.

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