Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ms L - What a joy to see such beautiful smiles

I just had to share a wonderful story and some precious photos. Ms. L had passed by Matchatversibles on Route 1 in Wiscasset several times but only saw the infant/toddler clothing displays. One day, after we introduced the Cupcake Collection, and it was on display outside, Ms. L stopped in to check them out. The Cupcake Collection ranges from size 2T - size 10. Ms. L is a teacher of some very special children and has a heart of pure gold. She purchased several outfits (dresses and pants) for some of her students over the summer. She recently stopped in to purchase several of the fall collection, which we call the "Sassy Collection". She snapped some photos over the summer and received permission from the parents to share these beautiful smiles with all of you. Thank you Ms. L for being such a loyal Matchaversibles customer and having such a wonderful heart. I hope our friendship continues.

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